Mysilo belt conveyor provides to transport product both horizontal and inclined safely.
BK2R and BK3R Belt conveyors, can transport various products at different capacities thanks to enclosed system transporter rollers. BK2R and BK3R Belt conveyors are run optimum speed 1,5 m/sn but, it can be changed according to customer request. Besides; residual products which fall on turning belt during transporting, are reloaded on belt thanks to mechanism on head section. Residual products are not available in conveyor. If this mechanism is not available, blockage may be occured.
BK2R/BK3R model belt conveyors are preferred because of ;
*Transport long distance
*High capacity
*Constant operation
*It is used as openly.
*Thanks to low power, electric power can be saved.
*Thanks to low power, electric power can be saved.