Pre-Cleaning Machine E-Model
Economic Pre-Cleaning system is designed to seperate dust, trash and piece form grain.Grains entered in system, are stored by cleaning with screen depending on grains size. Cylindrical screens are generally used fort he purpose of rough cleaning. Besides; it is useful for classifying products before entering the mill.Cylindirical screens may be occured from one or more cylindiracl and screen unit. Hole diameter of screens in many screens, can be changed from thin to rough in the direction of material flow. Movement from input to output of material is provided by sloping to screen drum to the flow direction. Rate of flowing can be accelerated or slowed down depending on to be cleaned dirty and density of grain.So;screens classify materials from thin to rough and put out the roug material from screens. Screens in machine are manufactured from drilled sheets depending on product specifications. Brush mechanism is used to provide blockage which may occur resulting of compaction kernels in screen hole, while screening. Advantages of these type of screens are less blockage problem and to provide movement with simple actuator. Economic pre-cleaning is used in small facility.


Pre-Cleaning Machine -E Model
Model Definition Capacity t/h
E Model Pre-Cleaning Wheat 100-200
Corn 90-180
Soy 100-200
Barley/Oat 80-160
Rice 50-100
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