Mobile Tube Conveyor provides you to load ur grain to the required height at certain angles. It is a special designed conveyor which transfer grain and granular products at high capacity. It has capacity to transport  grain without damaging from 100 tons per hour to 160 tons  per hour with the durable plastic palettes  which are added to the chain system .Compare to augersystem,  tube conveyor handling life is much more longer.
Portable tube conveyor takes the required power from the tractor  shaft when there is not  electricity and also it works with electricity. It reduces the manpower that u need with its high and fast handling capacity. It works  more quietly compare to portable auger. 
Tube conveyor reaches the required length and height, It can be produced in various lengths. It can be used as immobile, thanks to its design and with this feature  it can be placed anywhere in the facility.It can be used both horizontally and at required angles without any problem.
Maxporter Tube conveyor transfers your products with minumum damaging. Max Porter truck loading conveyor shows fast reaction to changing weather conditions as it works fast with high capacity.
Maintenance of Max Porter truck loading conveyor is easy and effortless. After daily checks, it works smoothly.If any failure occurs or happens, our technical department will support you.
Max Porter truck loading conveyors are warranted for two years.
It is covered by warranty against manufacturing and assembly faults.
Which are specified by T code model that takes power from  the tractor. ** Capacities are valid for clean and dry grains.
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