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Tambur Tipi Ön Temizleme
Drum pre cleaning machine is used to sift the big strange objects vhich can not be passed from the drums holes.
This Machine Has 2 Parts :
1ST is seperated the dust from the grain by using air channels and also aspiration system. This part sold optional.
2ND part is drum sifting system, this sifting has a capacity and classification model for MAX.5 parts of for owm axis and contains palettes which has reverse motion,
Makes the sifting operation more useful the brush outside the drum made the system more useful while cleaning the holes of sifting. This gives more efficient capacity.
The pre cleaning capacity is changıng fort he drum diameter, length, turnover speed, angle, parto F numbers, numbers of sifting holes, dirt of the grains.
It gives the max. Capascity values in the report of the capacity for  the machine.
In low capacity work, suitable sifting holes increase the machine cleaning quality bu the way of the general capacity increases.
The best performance is seeing with dry grains in this machine.
The humidity increase the capacity decreases.
In general advising for  the dirt of grin in %2 , 0769 KG/M3 density, fort he max capacity.
Drum pre cleaning machine is used for rough cleaning.
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