Identifying needs

Pre-Analysis study is applied in order to ensure that you choose the most suitable products to our customers' objectives by giving technological information on the subjects that are needed by customers, during the product selection. The most appropriate products are provided accordance with needs of customer by analyzing our customer needs. We understand the needs of customer, improve the first step in the solution, configure our products and services to customers in an appropriate manner with our pre-sales specialist.


The information obtained by the preliminary analysis of is reported by Mysilo specialists. In this report, it is determined that there is a need for companies which product. If you need to develop additional specialized products to existing projects, company officials are informed. The information in this report is presented with a meeting to company officials.Necessary evaluations and comments are made. Information and services to be done in the letter of agreement of work are submitted to customer and received approval of customer. If agree with the company about agreement, operation is started by Mysilo for quatation relevant projects.


The agreed draft projects are priced, make budget, negotiations are started about price, payment and delivery.

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