Mysilo that has all kinds of possibilities provided by today’s technology, aims scientific, accurate, production fast and timely projects. Our team of experienced engineers use the most modern design and technological software and equipment in designing.


Mysilo offers accurate, fast and reliable, modern infrastructure services by using its knowledge with the latest technology and developments in the sector, and also by considering expected growth for the future.


Mysilo performs the installation of electromechanic, electric and automation products with professional staff in the field by using professional equipments.


Applications in area are checked by experienced control personnel whether it is appropriate for project or not. The determinations made after checked, is decided by the meetings and followed.Thus, It will be fully achieved excellent results and customer satisfaction.


Mysilo takes the necessary steps in the area and activates the facility after ensured the safety by passing hundreds of tests the PLC/MCC panel that is prepared with minimum energy ideas and maximum efficiency by bringing together the best brands in the world.


After offered turnkey solutions, Mysilo accompanies to you with its technical staff during the first run the facility. Our valuable customers and your personals are trained by our technical team , the facility is delivered by making briefings.

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