Chain conveyors are handling systems to load&unload silos as horizontally and inclined without and damages to grain.It is manufactured from galvanized steel with different capacities and models.Chain conveyors are composed of head section, trunk and boot section also, they are completely bolt&nut connected. So, its installation time is short and its maintenance and technical service are very easy.Thanks to galvanized structure, chain conveyor life span extends 
Offering wide range of products Mysilo manufactures different models from 25 t/h to 1200 t/h capatiy. Mysilo chain conveyors are classified 3 main group such as Y , YE and T serials. These models are changing according to models and annually usage .
·         Durable, long-lasting and high quality
·         Compatible to carry different types of cereal
·         High safety of equipment, operational efficiency
·         Max. Usage, min. Maintenance cost
·         Economical solution with low energy cost
·         Moduler design, easy installation
·         Different model and design according to usage purpose
·         7/24 Technical service