Y Series

Y series conveyor is used to transport grain as horizontally. It has different models according to capacity, usage and product type.Optionally, polyethylene or abrasion proof steel plate can be coated on bottom and side sheets of conveyors for long life-span.
Y series conveyors are capatiy from 20 t/h to 1000 t/h.Thanks to completely galvanized structures, its life-span is long.Its installation is very easy due to bolt&nut connected also, technical service and maintenance are fast and easy.
Different trunk models are available such as; polyethylene roll (P), steel roll(C), conveyor with two section (B), polyethylene guiding (PK), steel guiding(ÇK) conveyor with two section and guiding (BK) according to your request and needs.
Channel conveyors are used to load product from silo. Grain which is poured from center well and intermediate wells, is unloaded by helping of channel type conveyor. These type of conveyors have lids different numbers depending on silo diameter. Paddles are mounted on side of conveyor and they move on slides. Intermediate lids can be mounted on conveyor as required.
Different concrete sections are available for each of conveyor models of K series.Conveyor is placed in concrete channel and it is used suitable axis. Angle slides are available in side of conveyor to transport chain and paddles instead of rolls. Thanks to the slides, installation of chain or removing of chain in case of any faults, are easy.